I UK [ˈsteɪtmənt] / US noun
Word forms "statement":
singular statement plural statements
1) [countable] a written or spoken announcement on an important subject that someone makes in public
make/issue a statement:

He had been instructed not to make any statements to the press about the incident.

statement on:

The minister was asked to make a statement on the progress of the talks.

joint statement:

A joint statement was issued by both parties in the merger.

Verbs frequently used with statement as the object ▪  deliver, give, issue, make, prepare, release
2) [countable] something that you say or write that states a fact or gives information in a formal way

Add a simple statement about the company's environmental policy.

statement of:

A will is a statement of who gets what when you die.

3) [countable] a formal written account of events that a person who has seen a crime or who has been accused of a crime gives to the police
make a statement:

After several hours of questioning he agreed to make a statement.

4) [countable] an official document that lists the amounts of money that have been put in or taken out of a bank account

I receive a bank statement every month.

5) [uncountable] formal the process of saying or explaining things in words

An opinion of that kind needs clear statement.

6) [countable] an official report from an lea about a child who has special needs relating to their development or behaviour

II UK [ˈsteɪtmənt] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "statement":
present tense I/you/we/they statement he/she/it statements present participle statementing past tense statemented past participle statemented
to decide officially that a child has learning disabilities and that he or she should receive special educational help

English dictionary. 2014.


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